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Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber’s project ‚Cartographie Dynamique‘ involves comparing different cities by recognizing unique features and repeating patterns via maps and distinctive photographs taken at each location focussing on questions of political and social landscape.

These specify some of the unique features of these cities as well as comparable structural elements that they share, which act, for the most part, as catalysts for revolutionary urbanistic developments. This network originated fifteen years ago, with »Japanese Lesson« (2005), a body of work drawn from a wide range of private and appropriated image sources that has been continually expanding ever since.

The organization of the »Cartographie dynamique«as a network gives the desultoriness of Sieber & Stuke’s photographic dérives new possibilities of comparison and grants their repeating structures a logical inevitability. The cartography even generates ideas for new ways of mapping urban spaces.

Even if today, in a globalized and automated world, the causes of social disruption can be attributed more and more to the invisible mechanisms of economic and political processes, they find visible expression in the physical world of our cities.
(Florian Ebner, for »Dec 8 2018, La Ville Lumière«, GwinZegal / Böhm Kobayashi 2021)

@Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber, Düsseldorf